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Divorce in Singapore: Does an Ex-Wife Really Get Half the Man’s Money?

Associated with the individuals who’ve recommended me personally to simply marry a man that is rich of servant away to make cash, there has been friends, superiors at your workplace and also complete strangers right right here in sunny Singapore. At least half have determined having a triumphant, “even better, get yourself a divorce proceedings and take half his cash!”

Luckily or unfortuitously, while upkeep payments in many cases are made down to ex-wives, it is a myth that divorce automatically entitles her to half the money that is ex-husband’s.

Here are a few what to learn about upkeep payments in Singapore divorces in case you’re trying to pull the plug on a married relationship… or looking to get over a bad situation of matrimoniophobia.

Appropriate grounds for spending upkeep after divorce or separation

If you’re intending to provide breakup documents for a soon-to-be-ex partner, it’s crucial to understand why maintenance is also purchased. Sigue leyendo