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The condom that is male probably the most widely used technique in the beginning intercourse as well as newest intercourse among both adolescent people in 2006–2010. 14


  • Among ladies aged 15–19 have been vulnerable to unintended pregnancy in 2006–2010, 82% were utilizing a contraceptive technique, and 59% were utilizing a noteworthy technique. 14
  • Among sexually experienced 15–19-year-olds throughout that duration, 78% of females and 85% of men reported having utilized a contraceptive the 1st time that they had intercourse; 86% and 93%, correspondingly, stated they did so that the last time that they had sex. 14
  • In 2006–2010, the chances of having a baby before age 20 had been doubly high for adolescent women who had not utilized a method that is contraceptive very first intercourse in terms of people who had. 14
  • One of the 2.5 million intimately active females aged 15–19 whom reported current (i.e., within the past 90 days) usage of contraceptives in 2011–2013, 55% relied from the condom; 35% regarding the tablet; 20% on withdrawal; 8% regarding the injectable, area or band; and 3% from the IUD. 15,16
  • In 2006–2010, 20percent of intimately active females aged 15–19 and 34per cent of intimately active men exactly the same age reported having used both the condom and a hormone technique the final time that they had intercourse. 14


  • Whenever utilized precisely, contemporary contraceptives work well at preventing maternity. Sigue leyendo