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Once we meet aliens, it won’t be a friendly encounter nor a conquest: it’ll be a gold rush. Can we make certain it is ethical?

is a science writer. This woman is the Latin America correspondent for Science, along with her work in addition has starred in Wired and Slate. She lives in Mexico City.

Aeon for Friends

It wasn’t the Martians’ fault their planet died. If they existed – once – Martians were microbes that are likely staying in a world much like our very own, warmed by an environment and crisscrossed by waterways. But Mars started to lose that atmosphere, perhaps because its gravity wasn’t strong enough to hold it was gradually blown away by solar winds onto it after an asteroid impact, or perhaps. The reason continues to be mysterious, but the ending is obvious: Mars’s liquid water dried out or froze into ice caps, leaving life without its most resource that is precious. Any Martians would have been victims of a planet-wide natural disaster they could neither foresee nor prevent.

For Chris McKay, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California, the moral implications are clear: we must help our neighbours. Earthlings might possibly not have had the opportunity to intervene when Martians were dying masse that is enwe had been just microbes ourselves), the good news is, billions of years later, we could make it up to them. We’ve already figured out a highly effective option to warm up a planet: pump greenhouse gases into its atmosphere. McKay imagines a future that is not-too-distant which we park machinery on Mars that converts carbon and fluorine into the Martian soil into insulating chlorofluorocarbons, and spews them in to the planet’s puny atmosphere like a protein shake built to bulk it up. ‘On Earth, we would call it pollution. On Mars, it is called medicine,’ McKay told me in an interview. On his calculation, Mars could be warm adequate to support water and life that is microbial 100 years. Sigue leyendo

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