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Hunter suffered a miscarriage, and Gaye consoled her by telling her, “God offers and Jesus takes away.

We praise him for their goodness and trust that the next time he can bless us with a healthy and balanced child.”

Their very first son or daughter came to be in September 1974 — a woman named Nona. Hunter’s words that are first Gaye upon their seeing the little one were, “I’m sorry.”

Gaye complimented Nona’s beauty and contrasted it to Hunter’s, but Hunter saw the dissatisfaction in their eyes. Rather than joy in the birth of her very very very first youngster, she invested times in tears, upset she loved that she had disappointed the man.

However, if Gaye expanded quickly accepting of their child, their mindset toward Hunter — particularly her new, just-gave-birth body — changed.

Appraising her stretch-marks, he stated, “Surely there was an approach to rid yourself of these things.”

PBS The few did have son, Frankie, only a little over a later year. Gaye got over their human body hangups (for a time), and so they settled into family members life, investing their days at the top of coke and cooking pot as Gaye published and produced songs.

George Clinton and Bernie Worrell would usually stop by to shoot hoops and fall acid with Gaye. The few were invited to view Ike Turner into the studio, where he “carried around their coke supply in a suitcase.”

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