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‘Onward’ Is Latest Major Studio Film Having A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it lgbtq character (Commentary)

Figures such as the cop that is lesbian “Onward” are a part of the best way, but don’t be tricked: It’s a child action

Within seconds of retrieving my phone from Disney safety after the premiere of “Onward, ” I saw a tweet celebrating Pixar’s LGBTQ that is first character.

And my thought that is immediate was “Where? ”

Evidently, i need to have coughed, or blinked, or been consuming popcorn during the main one line uttered by a female officer (voiced by lesbian actor Lena Waithe) that indicates that the smoothness includes a gf.

Well, blinking isn’t permitted you might miss such hallowed community icons as “gay guy in a support group” (“Avengers: Endgame”), “two women pushing one stroller” (“Finding Dory”), “women kissing with New Year’s Eve energy during a climactic celebration” (“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”) or “foppish henchman who briefly dances with another dude” (the live-action “Beauty and the Beast”) if you want pick up on queer representation in mainstream Disney movies, or.

Don’t misunderstand me: Better these representations than none at all. Us cinema has a history that is rather sorry of LGBTQ figures entirely (through the Production Code age) or portraying people in that community as punchlines or as threats to culture. And particularly, in family-friendly news, LGBTQ presence offers a level that is increased of from bigots who would like to conceal their small-mindedness behind “But…the kiddies! Sigue leyendo