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Res >Here’s your guide on the best way to get residency visa for your partner if you are the single receiving user

It is the truth that either the wife or husband could be the earning that is only user while moving into Dubai. This guide will detail how it is possible to affect sponsor your better half and obtain a residency visa for them also.

Note: This is a guide that is informative should simply be taken as a result. For just about any individual questions, contact the typical Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai or GDRFA. Gulf Information holds no obligation for just about any misinterpretations, improvement in processes or amendments to your legislation.

Salary restrictions

Spouse wife that is sponsoring

For the spouse to sponsor his spouse and kids, he should be earning Dh3,000 plus accommodation, or Dh4,000 without accommodation.

Wife sponsoring spouse (fundamental category)

For the spouse to sponsor her spouse and young ones, she must be making Dh3,000 plus accommodation, or Dh4,000 without accommodation – if she actually is a instructor, physician, engineer, nurse or perhaps in almost any medical sector-role.

This should be confirmed with GDRFA on specific questions given that approvals may vary from situation to situation. Sigue leyendo